• Lé

    I feel a lot, don’t say enough.

  • ~


    Tenacious learner, and friendly too 📽️🧾💾 http://github.com/funkegoodvibe

  • Gbenga Ojo-Aromokudu

    Gbenga Ojo-Aromokudu

    Software Engineer | he/him https://www.linkedin.com/in/gojoaromokudu/ https://github.com/gbenga

  • Emily Walter

    Emily Walter

    Avid learner. Passionate about social mobility, humanitarian affairs, and how tech can be used to make the world a better place.

  • Valery Nwuka

    Valery Nwuka

    Political Economist | Passionate about African development, Education and Women’s Empowerment

  • Dylan Kawende FRSA

    Dylan Kawende FRSA

    Founder @ OmniSpace | UCLxCambridge | Fellow @ Royal Society of Arts | Freshfields and Gray’s Inn Legal Scholar | Sci-fi & Beard Enthusiast

  • Tech verx

    Tech verx

    Our team delivers the envisioned results and provides expert advice considering present advancements in the marketing oracle,.

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